We understand our customers have different needs for their shampoo, from concentrates to commercial variants, high foam, paint-friendly, high wax and even waterless varieties.  Our portfolio of shampoos contains a wide range of products guaranteed to meet your needs, whatever the vehicle or condition.  Choose from our range below:

xl shampoo

CODE: L080

  • Concentrated and neutral for the best finish.
  • Longest lasting protection.
  • Powerful glossing agent reducing chamois drying.
  • Controlled foam for easy rinsing.
  • Leaves a ‘just polished’ finish on bodywork.
  • Concentrated for performance and economy.
  • Pleasant lime and ginger fragrance.

Transport superfoam II

CODE: L833

  • A high foaming vehicle shampoo.
  • Suitable for retail and commercial vehicles.
  • For brushwash machines and manual application.
  • Suitable for use in water reclaim systems.
  • Concentrated for performance and economy.

car shampoo & wax

CODE: L055

  • High foaming car shampoo with a high wax formulation.
  • Added shine and streak-free finish.
  • Concentrated for performance and economy.
  • Can be used manually or through a brushwash.


CODE: L575

  • A neutral paint friendly vehicle detergent.
  • A shampoo for car wash systems.
  • Deep cleaning action suitable for cleaning cars.
  • Can be used manually or through a pressure washer.
  • Concentrated for performance and economy.

waterless shampoo & shine

CODE: L546

  • Leaves a streak-free finish.
  • Ideal for use on all material types.
  • Dilute for economy.

wax rinse

CODE: L860

  • Can be added to a traffic film remover prior to cleaning.
  • Can be used as a separate rinse afterwards.
  • Resists weathering and resoiling.
  • Applied by sprayer, pressure washer or brushwash machine.
  • Highly concentrated for performance and economy.


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