Sponsoring racing teams give Nielsen the opportunity to work with cutting edge materials from the latest tyres and wheels through to pioneering composite materials. It also gives us the opportunity to develop products alongside these materials in our research and development facility at our head office in the Midlands.  We ensure that our products are future-proof by trialling and testing the latest raw materials and technology to ensure that the products we deliver to our customers are ahead of the market.


Nielsen has a great history within the UK, having recently celebrated over forty-seven years since the company was founded.  We manufacture all our products at our head office on the Derbyshire/Leicestershire border. The product range has evolved over time ensuring they meet every automotive professional’s need from extreme efficiency and cost-effectiveness through to highly engineered products trusted for use on vintage or luxury cars. Our extensive product portfolio ensures great cost-in-use and durability with the ability to maintain concourse or showroom finishes with ease.



Only founded in late 2014 the Nielsen racing team name may be new but the history is not.

Sven Thompson principle owner has over 12 years experience running Radicals in all championships and has won 6 titles in Europe & the UK not including 2 winter series championships in the UAE where Nielsen racing work alongside AUH Motorsports.

As a racing team we run Radical SR1's SR3's, SR8's & RXC's in all four of Radical Sportscars Championships.

Sven also runs cars in the 750mc & Open Sports Cars Championships too.



Rawdon Road, Moira, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE12 6DA