Our range of wheel cleaners are designed to make cleaning your wheels easy and safe.  Our portfolio of cleaning products will rapidly remove iron, traffic film, brake dust and other contaminants from alloy wheels and wheel trims, leaving a clean bright finish. With acidic and non-acidic through to concentrates and multi-purpose variants available, our products will quickly, easily  and safely remove brake dust, oil, and road grime from your wheels.

Acid wheel cleaner

CODE: L194

  • Powerful acid based cleaner.
  • Removes grime and brake dust.
  • Concentrated for performance and economy.

Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner

CODE: L960

  • Multi-purpose versatile cleaner, degreaser and disinfectant.
  • Suitable for use on hard surfaces and fabrics.
  • Cleans bodywork, upholstery, interior plastics, vinyl, workshop floors and equipment.
  • Concentrated for performance and economy.
  • Lemon fresh fragrance.

non acidic wheel cleaner

CODE: L015

  • Powerful non acid based cleaner.
  • Enhances the appearance of wheels.
  • Concentrated for performance and economy.
  • Does not dissolve concrete floors.


CODE: L111

  • Multi surface cleaner and degreaser
  • pH balanced formulation, ideal for sensitive alloy wheels.
  • Rapidly removes brake dust and grime
  • Usage: Interiors, equipment, engine bays and workshop floors.
  • Micro emulsion technology and powerful citrus oils for rapid removal of oil, grease and dirt.

aluminium cleaner

CODE: L020

  • Removes the heaviest soils and corrosion.
  • Cleans and brightens aluminium vehicle bodies.
  • An inhibitor is incorporated to prevent attack on other metals and paintwork.


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