Winter car care is essential to keep your vehicle protected from snow, ice, and plummeting temperatures. Winter presents some major challenges for your vehicle. Cold temperatures cause rubber seals and tires to become dry and stiff, road salt threatens the paint, whilst ice reduces your vision.  Nielsen has your winter car care needs covered with weatherproof paint protection, protective rubber dressings and de-icers so a little preventative maintenance helps your vehicle through the winter weather easily.

Power De-icer - aerosol

CODE: B110

  • Rapid action non smear de-icer.
  • Powerful jet action that can reach both sides of the windscreen from one side of the vehicle.
  • Highly concentrated formula prevents re-icing.
  • Provides superb performance in all conditions, effective down to -50ºC.

screenwash de-icer

CODE: L497

  • Premium screenwash de-icer additive.
  • An effective dual purpose additive providing winter protection to -20ºC with summer cleaning performance for traffic film and insect residue.
  • Winter dilution rate will prevent the washer bottle and spray jets from freezing at sub-zero temperatures
  • Suitable for use in all windscreen washer reservoirs.


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