Bodyshops are a key area of our business with many now providing additional valeting services to their customers. Our unrivalled range of highly-engineered products are completely silicone free and will not cause any paint contamination.  Our products are also easier to use and more cost effecting than other brands saving you both time and money.

Lithium white grease

CODE: B240

  • Effective lubricating white grease.
  • Penetrates, then thickens to lubricate and protect components.
  • Temperature resistant to 150ºC.

clear lube

CODE: B020

  • Multi-purpose clean, colourless lubricant.
  • 3 in 1 product; penetrates, lubricates and protects.
  • Resists throw-off and wash-off.
  • For long lasting, clean lubrication.


CODE: B068

  • Open gear and wire rope lubricant.
  • For wire ropes, cables, chains and gears.
  • Clings to surfaces, resisting throw-off rotating components.

Satin black paint

CODE: B080

  • Quick drying black spray paint.
  • Suitable for use on bumpers, black trim and components.
  • Exceptional coverage for a dry durable finish.

free n easy

CODE: B060

  • High shine water repellent silicone spray.
  • Enhances the finish of vinyl and plastic.
  • Reduces friction between mating surfaces.

silver wheel paint

CODE: B085

  • Quick drying silver spray paint.
  • Matches alloy colours.
  • Exceptional coverage for a dry durable finish.

Brakelec iii



  • Fast evaporating, solvent degreaser.
  • Removes brake dust, oil and grease from brakes and components.
  • Dries to leave no residue and will not impair braking efficiency.
  • Cleans electrical components and motors and may be used to spot clean fabrics and upholstery.

Po -79



  • Combined lubricant, penetrating oil, corrosion preventative and de-watering fluid.
  • Displaces water from electrical/ignition systems.
  • Long lasting residual properties.
  • Protects components and tools from corrosion.


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