Nielsen Continues 50th Birthday Celebrations At Silverstone

This year Nielsen turned 50 and so far it has been a wonderful year that has included celebrations and the forming of new business partnerships. Back in June, we held a 50th Anniversary day at the Nielsen HQ for our Nielsen Vikings and a handful of special guests. If you missed what we got up to then check out some of our favourite parts from the day here.

Our 50th celebrations continued when our Sales Director, Glen Paston, a few members of the Nielsen team and again some additional guests headed down to Silverstone as VIP’s to cheer on the Nielsen Racing team and to just have a great time! Here’s what happened on the day…

Visit Nielsen Racing

nielsen racing pits

The first stop for us was visiting Nielsen Racing in the garages and pits. We had the chance of getting up close and personal with the two Le Mans cars – the Nissan Norma LMP3 and the Ligier. The cars had already been prepared and cleaned for the upcoming race with Nielsen’s specialist cleaning chemicals. After we’d finished admiring the cars we spoke with the drivers and took a few photos! Many of our team members have been following the European Le Mans Series and how Nielsen Racing have been getting on so needless to say, everyone was in awe.

nielsen chemicals in the pits

Pit Walk

nielsen pit walk

Following our visit to Nielsen Racing, we all had the chance of doing the Silverstone pit walk. Just walking across the iconic pits themselves was a special moment for many of us and we also got to see the other racing teams, incredible cars and drivers up close and personal. It was also good to see that the Nielsen Racing team members signing autographs – Tony Wells, Colin Noble, James Littlejohn and Nobu Yamanaka were all extremely popular with the fans in attendance.

nielsen racing autographs


After a busy but super exciting morning, it was time for the Nielsen team and our guests to refuel! We visited the Brooklands Suite where we were privileged to a VIP buffet lunch with salad, main and dessert sections. Most of our team went up numerous times for plates of the tasty, Mediterranean style food on offer.

Race Time

Once we’d finished refuelling, the Nielsen team headed back to the racing team’s garage where we stayed for the first 45 minutes of the race and was lucky enough to witness a tyre change from just a few meters away – due to the wet conditions on the track!

nielsen racing tyre change

Shortly after this, the team split up to watch the race from the different parts of the Silverstone track. While Nielsen Racing put in a valiant performance at Silverstone, the conditions and a bit of bad luck meant that the podium was out of reach for both sets of drivers. However, spirits are still high and they are looking on to the upcoming race meetings in Belgium and Portugal. Visit Nielsen Racing for more details.

Stay Tuned

2019 has been an exciting year so far for all of us at Nielsen and we can’t wait for what’s to come as we look to build on our first 50 years of success. Stay tuned by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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