Infection Control


terminex 5LGreen Blue Container 197x300 1 - Terminex

Terminex is a combined cleaner, viricide and broad-spectrum bactericide making it an essential for good infection control cleaning routines.

One Shot

One Shot Aerosol 118x300 1 - One Shot

One Shot is a single application odour neutraliser and freshener for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Medipal 3in1 Disinfectant Wipes

Medipal 3 in 1 Disinfectant Wipes 300x300 1 - Medipal 3in1 Disinfectant Wipes

Medipal ® 3in1 Disinfectant wipes have been developed in response to the growing need for a single cleaning and disinfectant wipe that is effective against a wider range of pathogens, including spores.

Biocidal Cleaner and Sanitiser

Biocidal Cleaner and Sanitiser FOODSAFE 5L 197x300 1 - Biocidal Cleaner and Sanitiser

Biocidal Cleaner and Sanitiser is a hard surface cleaner, sanitiser and disinfectant, ideal for food area use, non-perfumed to reduce the risk of tainting food, and can be sed in food processing, catering and food equipment cleaning.

Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner

Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner 20L min 217x300 1 - Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner

Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner is a truly universal cleaner, designed to be the most versatile …

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