Brakelec III


Brakelec III


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Pack Sizes:

400ml & 20Lt


Brakelec III is the quick drying, fast evaporating solvent degreaser that incorporates highly refined solvents, designed to clean and degrease surfaces while leaving them residue free. The quick drying formula makes Brakelec III ideal for removal of oil, grease and brake dust from the brake assemblies. Brakelec III carries a lower odour, and is less hazardous to human health then many commonly used solvent degreasers, making it much safer for the end user.

Braklec III can also be used as an effective oil and tar spot remover for paintwork and fabrics.

Available in both bulk and aerosol packs.


  • Exceptional low odour brake cleaner
  • Leaves no oily residues
  • Superb spot cleaner for fabrics and paint
  • More user friendly than conventional degreasing solvents

How To Use:

Generally Degreasing:
Apply via spray, brush, cloth or aerosol to components or surfaces. Wipe away excess material or allow to air dry.

Fabric Spot Cleaning:
Apply as a fine spray or via a cloth to the oil spot. Dabbing lightly to prevent spreading and to absorb the oil. Allow to dry. Repeat process as necessary.

Brake Cleaning:
Spray liberally onto brake assembly. Wipe away any excess product and allow to air dry.

Ensure brake assembly is fully dry before vehicle is driven.

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