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Fresh Linen Burst

Fresh Linen Burst

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Fresh Linen Burst is the powerful air freshener with a pleasant, fresh linen fragrance. With a specialised high discharge nozzle, this product is designed to combat unwanted odours throughout the entire interior of a vehicle. One can of Fresh Linen Burst treats up to 250 vehicles and provides an instant, long lasting in-vehicle freshness. Fresh Linen Burst is suitable for use in larger vehicles and spaces.

Burst aerosols are also available in a range of fresh fragrances including; Cranberry, Eau de Cologne and Citrus.


  • One can treat up to 250 vehicles
  • Freshens vehicle interiors
  • Instant long lasting freshness
  • Suitable for larger areas

Pack Sizes


How to use

Spray as a short, sharp half second burst into the vehicle. Ventilate area well after use.

Shake can well before use. Do not spray onto hot surfaces or a naked flame. Do not smoke whilst using this product.

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