Retail Products

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Retail Products

Interior Dressing

R905 Interior Dressing 500ml - Retail Products

Enhances all of your vehicles plastic interiors instantly with a natural sheen finish. Can also be used on vinyl and rubber.

Fine Compound

R913 Fine compound Grouped - Retail Products

Nielsen Fine Compound is a super fine grade, hyper-uniform particle size compound to be used for gloss enhancement and final stage machine polishing.

Medium Compound

R912 Medium Compound Grouped - Retail Products

Nielsen Medium Compound is a concentrated medium grade, highly uniform particle size compound. Designed for longer working times.

Coarse Compound

R911 Coarse Compound Grouped - Retail Products

Nielsen Coarse Compound is a heavy-duty compound designed to remove deep scratches and paint defects from vehicle paintwork

Exhibition Polish

R908 Exhibition Polish - Retail Products

An advanced high gloss, durable polish blended with Carnauba Wax, formulated to provide an exhibition quality depth of shine and finish on all vehicle paint.

Exterior Dressing

R907 Exterior Dressing 500ml - Retail Products

An excellent restorative product for your vehicle’s exterior, this weather resistant gel can be used on plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces.

Leather Maintainer

R904 Leather Maintainer 500ml - Retail Products

A superior leather cleaner and reviver formulated to enhance the appearance of all leather interiors. Leather Maintainer safeguards your leather interior so it retains it’s natural suppleness.

Non Silicone Tyre Dressing

R903 Tyre Dressing 500ml - Retail Products

A Versatile tyre dressing formulated to provide a deep gloss shine on all tyres, rubber and mud flaps.

Interior Cleaner

R906 Interior Cleaner 500ml - Retail Products

A multi-purpose interior cleaner for all types of upholstery and plastics. Specially formulated to remove the most stubborn stains and to provide a clean and fresh result every time.

Glass Cleaner

R930 Glass Cleaner 500ml - Retail Products

Effortlessly easy to apply to glass and perspex, this cleaner provides crystal clear finish. Glass Cleaner will remove all deposits left by flies, road film and nicotine.

Wheel Cleaner

R902 Wheel Cleaner 500ml - Retail Products

An exceptional top quality wheel cleaner formulated to be highly effective in removing brake dust, traffic film and oil. Developed with corrosion inhibitors for everyday use on both alloy and steel wheels to keep vehicle wheels, rims and wheel covers looking brand new.

Fallout Remover

R910 Fallout Remover Grouped - Retail Products

Fallout Remover is a PH balanced product for use as part of the decontamination stage of vehicle prep. This product is designed to safely remove iron and fallout depsits from your wheels and painted panels

Quick Detailer

R917 Quick Detailer Grouped - Retail Products

Nielsen Quick Detailer is the ideal product to quickly and effortlessly remove dust, grime, fingerprints and watermarks, leaving a smear and streak-free finish to your vehicle.

Gloss Shampoo

R900 Gloss Shampoo 1L - Retail Products

A highly Concentrated shampoo formulated to provide added lustre and a streak free finish. Encompasses a specialist wax additive.

pH Neutral Snow Foam

R920 Snow Foam Grouped - Retail Products

Nielsen pH Neutral Snow Foam is the highest foaming product we have ever made! It safely removes road grime and stuck on dirt to reduce the risk of scratches and swirls when washing.

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