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Fallout Remover

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Fallout Remover

Fallout Remover is a PH balanced product for use as part of the decontamination stage of vehicle prep. This product is designed to safely remove iron and fallout depsits from your wheels and painted panels

How to useHow to use


  • Safely removes iron and fallout deposits.
  • Visual indication of contaminants upon contact.
  • Can be used on Painted panels and Wheels.
  • Designed to cling to surfaces to allow for longer dwell time.
This product was specifically designed to cling to the application area and give a visual indicator while in use. The product turns a deep purple colour upon contact with fallout and iron deposits on your vehicles painted panels and wheels. Fallout Remover gets to work fast on safely desolving the iron and fallout so it can be rinsed away with water or a pressure washer.

How to use

PAINTED PANELS – Apply product to damp panels and allow to dwell for several minutes. mist with water to avoid drying out, Rinse with fresh water or snow foam to ensure all of the product is removed .

WHEELS – Jetwash wheels with clean water to remove heavy soiling then apply product liberaly.

Agitate with a wheel brush and allow several minutes dwell time, during which, a deep purple colour will develop.

Jetwash wheels clean with fresh water and allow to air dry.

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