Body Shop – Silicone Free

Body Shop – Silicone Free


odourkill 5L min 197x300 1 - Odourkill

Odourkill is a concentrated vanilla deodoriser designed to make foul stale odours disappear leaving areas smelling fresh.

Fresh Linen Burst

fresh linen burst Aerosol 160x300 1 - Fresh Linen Burst

Fresh Linen Burst is the powerful air freshener with a pleasant, fresh linen fragrance. With …

Eau de Cologne Burst

Eau de Cologne Burst 160x300 1 - Eau de Cologne Burst

Eau de Cologne Burst is the powerful air freshener with a pleasant, fresh linen fragrance.

Cranberry Burst

cranberry burst Aerosol 160x300 1 - Cranberry Burst

Cranberry Burst is the powerful air freshener with a pleasant, cranberry fragrance. With a specialised …

Citrus Spice

Citrus Spice 5L min 197x300 1 - Citrus Spice

Citrus Spice is a citrus fragranced deodorising concentrate for the treatment of bad odours. Citrus …

Citrus Burst

Citrus Burst Aerosol 160x300 1 - Citrus Burst

Citrus Burst is the powerful air freshener with a pleasant, citrus fragrance. With a specialised …


unifoam Aerosol 160x300 1 - Unifoam

Unifoam is a high foaming aerosol cleaner, designed for cleaning soiled fabrics, carpets and hard …

NAP Low Foam

Nap Low Foam 20L

NAP Low Foam is a highly concentrate fabric cleaner which will remove the heaviest soiling …

NAP Extra

Nap Extra 20L min 217x300 1 - NAP Extra

NAP Extra is a highly concentrated fabric cleaner formulated to remove heavy soiling from upholstery, …

Leather Maintainer

LEATHER MAINTAINER 500ml Trigger 158x300 1 - Leather Maintainer

Leather Maintainer is a premium leather cleaner and reviver, designed to enhance the appearance of …

Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser

Citrus Cleaner Degreaser 197x300 1 1 - Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser

Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser (Cyclone) is an exceptionally versatile cleaner with excellent compatibility with a …


Buster 20L min 217x300 1 - Buster

Buster is an extremely versatile concentrated cleaner designed to remove dirt and grime from the …

Fabric Protector

fabric protector Aerosol 160x300 1 - Fabric Protector

Fabric Protector is a single application product designed to stop water and oil based soils staining or soaking into upholstery.

Silver Wheel Paint

silver wheel paint Aerosol 160x300 1 - Silver Wheel Paint

Silver Wheel Paint is a quick-drying silver spray paint aerosol with exceptional covering power designed to give an excellent finish in seconds.

Satin Black Paint

Satin Black Paint Aerosol 160x300 1 - Satin Black Paint

Satin Black Paint is a quick drying black spray paint with exceptional covering power.

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