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Terminex RTU


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Terminex RTU is a combined cleaner, virucide and broad-spectrum bactericide making it an essential for good infection control cleaning routines. It is proven effective against a wide range of bacteria. Terminex RTU can also be used on potential sources of infection prior to deep cleaning.


  • Proven effective against all enveloped viruses, including Covid-19, SARS, Hepatitis B, HIV and Influenza.
  • Effective against MRSA.
  • Non bleaching and non caustic formula, ideal for use on soft metals, galvanised and most hard surfaces and fabrics.
  • Passes BS EN 14476 with 10 minute contact time.
  • Passes EN 1276 with 10 minute contact time.
  • Non perfumed

How To Use:

Check surface compatibility before full scale use.

DISINFECTION OF BLOOD/BODY FLUIDS: Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Spray Terminex undiluted onto the affected area. Allow a 10 minute contact time and then absorb or scrape up excess material.
Re-apply Terminex to the affected area and allow a further 10 minutes contact time prior to rinsing.
Ideally vacuum away residues with wet extraction equipment. Dispose of any bodily fluids or high risk material as contaminated waste.
GENERAL DISINFECTION: For optimum results, pre-clean surfaces before applying disinfectant. Use undiluted and apply by spray, mop or cloth. Rinse away residues with clean water or by using a mop/disposable cloth after the 10 minute contact time.

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