Nap Low Foam 20L

NAP Low Foam

NAP Low Foam

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NAP Low Foam is a highly concentrate fabric cleaner which will remove the heaviest soiling from upholstery, carpets and fabric trim. NAP Low Foam is specifically designed for use via spray extraction equipment. It will remove nicotine stains, grease spots, ingrained ash, mud, chocolate stains, oil and other blemishes and soiling.

NAP Low Foam also contains an optical brightener to enhance the colours and patterns of interior fabrics, with a pleasant fragrance ensures that carpets and upholstery smell fresh and clean


  • Low foam upholstery and carpet cleaner
  • Designed for machine application
  • Optical brighteners enhance the colour and pattern of fabric
  • Concentrated for performance and economy
  • Crisp fresh fragrance

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How to use

For most operations it is recommended to dilute NAP Low Foam 1:30 with warm water. Heavy Soiling: For exceptionally stubborn stains the concentration may be increase accordingly up to a maximum of 1:10 with warm water. Stubborn stains on woven fabrics may be agitated with a soft brush. Stubborn stains on velour should be agitated with a sponge.

It is recommended to test on an inconspicuous area before use.

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