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One Shot

One Shot

One Shot is a single application odour neutraliser and freshener for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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One Shot is a single application odour neutraliser and freshener for air conditioning and ventilation systems. This system freshener is designed to provide a fast and simple solution to stale odours arising from ventilation systems. In addition the single shot product provides total freshness to the vehicle interior, so whether customer needs to freshen the air conditioner
system or simply deal with in car odours from smoking, pets or food, One Shot system freshener provides the answer.

Air conditioner systems chill air before it enters the cabin; this chill effect causes condensation inside the air conditioner unit. Which has the benefit of drying the air as well. The moisture this creates inside the unit can cause the build up of dam stale smells particularly if it is use intermittently or after long periods out of use.

One Shot system freshener works by filling the cabin with a concentrated freshener and odour neutraliser which is drawn through the air conditioning system, condensing in the chillers to neutralise odours at source, provide instant freshness. In addition the product absorbs into all of the internal fabric of the vehicle to provide long lasting interior freshness.

The advantage of this system is that it is quick and easy, requires no tools, and provides total freshness to Air Conditioner systems and vehicle interiors.

One Shot has been tested in accordance with EN1276. Following 5 minutes contact time One Shot Freshener has proven bactericidal effective against the following strains:


  • Single application odour neutraliser and freshener for air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Provides long lasting freshness
  • EN14476, Vaccinia, EN1276 and coronavirus tested
  • Blueberry Fragrance

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How to use

Start the engine. Turn on the air conditioning system and set for maximum cooling, the fan should be set to full speed. Set the air to re circulate, which draws air from the cockpit back through the air conditioning system. Point side vents into the centre of the car (this prevents product from condensing on the side window). Place the can upright onto the front passenger side floor, if the floor is uneven support the can to prevent it falling over. Ensure that the can is positioned in such a way as to ensure that the product does not spray directly onto the dashboard or other trim. If leather seats are fitted it is advised that a dry cloth or duster is placed over the base of the passenger seat to prevent spotting of sensitive leathers. Press the button on the top of the can close the doors and allow can to discharge fully (approx. 5 minutes). Do not use the product with anybody inside the car. Once discharged the vehicle may be switched off and treatment is complete. There are however benefits to leaving the product in the car longer to allow more complete absorption of fragrance into porous surfaces, though this is not essential. Return the ventilation system to normal settings N.B. Before driving the car, open doors and allow to ventilate for 2 minutes to allow vapours to disperse. Never smoke when using this product. The button of this product contains a lock down tab, which allows the can to discharge all its contents in one application. Do not depress the button until you are ready to commence treatment.

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