Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles

Tyre Sheen

Tyre Sheen 5L 197x300 1 - Tyre Sheen

Tyre Sheen is a water based, wet look, silicone and solvent-free dressing designed to enhance and restore the appearance of tyres, automotive rubbers, vinyl and plastic surfaces found on vehicle trim.


Rapport 5L 197x300 1 - Rapport

Rapport is the pleasantly fragranced non-solvent, water based, silicone free tyre dressing, designed to enhance and renovate the appearance of rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces found on vehicle trim.

Non-Sil Tyre & Plastic Dressing (previously Tyre Slick)

Tyre Slick 5L 197x300 1 - Non-Sil Tyre & Plastic Dressing (previously Tyre Slick)

Non-Sil Tyre & Plastic Dressing is the premium quality weather resistant, silicone free, solvent-based tyre dressing, designed to restore the colour, sheen and lustre of tyres, rubber floor matts, rubber and plastic surfaces.

Non Sil

non sil Aerosol 160x300 1 - Non Sil

Non Sil is a premium quality non-silicone dressing which will restore the colour, sheen and lustre of tyres, rubber and plastics surfaces.


Brilliance 20L 217x300 1 - Brilliance

Brilliance is a high quality solvent dressing for tyres containing a blend of high quality silicones providing a lasting weather resistant sheen.


aznu Aerosol 160x300 1 - Aznu

Aznu is the a highly advanced foaming tyre cleaner, dressing and renovator designed to produce a dark natural sheen on tyre walls providing an ‘as new’ appearance.


supershine 5L 177x300 1 - Supershine

Supershine is a high quality universal polish designed to produce a high finish on both new and used car.


spray wax 5L 177x300 1 - Spraywax

Spraywax is a high quality polish designed to offer the ultimate in speed, convenience and ease of application.

Premium Gold

Premium Gold 5L 177x300 1 - Premium Gold

Premium Gold is a premium quality polish, which incorporates cross-linking fluoropolymer technology to provide a high gloss and exhibition quality finish with unrivalled durability.

Nano Protection Wax

Nano Protection Wax is a complex blend of hard automotive waxes designed to product an extremely durable high gloss finish on both new and used cars.

Exhibition Wax

Exhibition Wax 5L 177x300 1 - Exhibition Wax

Exhibition Wax is a premium quality rich wax polish, with high shine wax content, for excellent depth of gloss leading to exhibition quality finish on all paint types.


terminex 5LGreen Blue Container 197x300 1 - Terminex

Terminex is a combined cleaner, viricide and broad-spectrum bactericide making it an essential for good infection control cleaning routines.

One Shot

One Shot Aerosol 118x300 1 - One Shot

One Shot is a single application odour neutraliser and freshener for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Medipal 3in1 Disinfectant Wipes

Medipal 3 in 1 Disinfectant Wipes 300x300 1 - Medipal 3in1 Disinfectant Wipes

Medipal ® 3in1 Disinfectant wipes have been developed in response to the growing need for a single cleaning and disinfectant wipe that is effective against a wider range of pathogens, including spores.

Biocidal Cleaner and Sanitiser

Biocidal Cleaner and Sanitiser FOODSAFE 5L 197x300 1 - Biocidal Cleaner and Sanitiser

Biocidal Cleaner and Sanitiser is a hard surface cleaner, sanitiser and disinfectant, ideal for food area use, non-perfumed to reduce the risk of tainting food, and can be sed in food processing, catering and food equipment cleaning.

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