Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles

Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner

Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner 20L min 217x300 1 - Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner

Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner is a truly universal cleaner, designed to be the most versatile …

Glass Cream

Glass Cream 5L 197x300 1 - Glass Cream

Glass Cream is a specially formulated cream glass cleaner combining specialised solvents and polishing aids to provide an excellent deep cleaning action to all glass surfaces.

Crystal Brite Foam

crystal brite foam Aerosol 160x300 1 - Crystal Brite Foam

Crystal Brite Foam is the premium foaming window and glass cleaner aerosol, designed to remove finger marks, grease and nicotine from glass surfaces, restoring their original clarity and brilliance.

Blue Window Clean II

Blue Window Clean II 20L 217x300 1 - Blue Window Clean II

The premium streak-free window and glass cleaner, Blue Window Clean II contains a specialise blend of solvents and detergents designed to clean and brighten glass, restoring its original clarity and brilliance.

Super A-Sheen

Super A Sheen 5L 197x300 1 - Super A-Sheen

Super A-Sheen is a silicone free weather resistant dressing for the cleaning and treatment of plastic surfaces found on cars, particularly bumpers. Super A-Sheen leaves a long lasting, high gloss, weather resistant finish leaving plastics looking as new.


Finesse 5L 197x300 1 - Finesse

Finesse is a pleasantly perfumed high quality versatile product for the cleaning, renovating and polishing of surfaces such as, door shuts, dashboards, door trims, boot areas and consoles.

Wax Rinse

Wax Rinse 20L 217x300 1 - Wax Rinse

Wax Rinse is a specialised blend of shine enhancers and de-watering agents deigned to ain the repelling of water and drying without smears.

Waterless Detailer

Waterless Detailer is the ideal product to quickly and effortlessly remove dust, grime, fingerprints and watermarks, leaving a smear and streak-free finish to your vehicle.

Transport Superfoam II

Transport Superfoam II 20L 217x300 1 - Transport Superfoam II

Transport Superfoam II is a mild, high foaming vehicle wash suitable for manual use, or through brushwash machines.

Shampoo & Wax

Shampoo Wax 20L 217x300 1 - Shampoo & Wax

A high foam, high wax vehicle shampoo that has been specially developed for the washing of vehicle exteriors providing effective dirt removal.

High Gloss Shampoo

High Gloss Shampoo is a unique vehicle shampoo containing paint conditioners and wax to leave the vehicle with a ‘just polished’ shine.


Autowash 20L 217x300 1 - Autowash

Autowash is a neutral shampoo designed for application via gantry brush wash units for cleaning of vehicle exteriors, including buses, coaches, trains, commercial vehicles and cars.

Tar & Glue Remover

Tar Glue Remover 5L 177x300 1 - Tar & Glue Remover

Tar & Glue Remover is a solvent-based tar, oil and adhesive remover.

White Out

WHITE OUT 5L 197x300 1 - White Out

White Out is a non-caustic, high foam traffic film remover with a powerful rich foam that clings to surfaces for a longer contact time.

Transport 6000 Plus

Transport 6000 plus 20L 217x300 1 - Transport 6000 Plus

Transport 6000 Plus is a concentrated formula that offers excellent dilution rates and low cost in use.

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