Nielsen’s Top 10 Winter Car Care Tips

With the Winter months fast approaching, make sure you and your car are well prepared by following Nielsen’s top 10 Winter car care tips:

Inspect Your Lights

Firstly, ensure all lights are in full working order, with no cracked lenses or blown bulbs – don’t forget to check your fog lights, full beam headlights and reverse lights. It’s also a good idea to clean your lights so they are working to their full potential in instances where there is reduced visibility.

Check Tyre Condition

It is essential to have your tyres checked before the Winter months as your steering and braking rely on good tyre condition. The legal minimum tyre tread is 1.6mm, but during Winter it’s ideal to have a little extra for added grip on the roads in poor weather conditions.

Have you considered changing to Winter tyres? Contact your local car garage to find out more, or read this useful article on Which?:

Test Your Battery

During Winter, there is a high chance you will be using your lights, blowers and heating far more than usual. This is why it is vital to get your car battery tested prior to the cold, miserable months setting in. Make sure your battery life is in good condition and not put under unnecessary strain over the coming months.

Clean Your Number Plate

Dirty number plates can land you a whopping £1,000 fine if they are illegible. Road spray, grit and mud can all contribute to you having a dirty number plate. Take 2 minutes out of your time to wipe it if you are struggling to read it.

Get Your Brakes Checked

It’s a good idea to get your brakes fully checked out to ensure they are in full working order. Brakes need to be fast and responsive at all times, but especially during Winter when driving conditions worsen. Also, ensure you bear in mind the increased braking distances and allow yourself plenty of time to stop.

Out of Your Depth

Take extra precautions when driving through deep water. The air intake is located low down on most cars; if any water is sucked into the engine, severe damage to the car could occur. You must be careful not to allow large amounts of water to soak into the carpets too as this could be enough to ruin electric components in and around this area.

Make a Breakdown Kit

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown during Winter, you need to be prepared. Here are a few essentials we think you should keep in the car in case of emergency:

Don’t Seize Up

Topping up your engine with antifreeze before Winter is advisable to prevent your engine seizing up. Antifreeze changes the freezing point of water so the likes of your car’s radiator water will not freeze.

Wiper Blade Quality

I’m sure we’ve all been there at some stage – your windscreen covered in spray from the road, you go to clean it, and… your windscreen wiper just smears it across the screen. Your wiper blades need to be in tip-top condition for the damp, wet months ahead of us.

This brings us onto our final tip for you:

Keep Your Windscreen Clean and Ice-Free

Fed up of having to wait for your windscreen to defrost on the cold Winter mornings? We have the perfect products for you…

nielsen winter products - Nielsen’s Top 10 Winter Car Care Tips

Ever heard of a Screenwash De-Icer? We know what you’re thinking – “it’s never going to work”. Washer nozzles usually have an ice-build up in them after a frost. Well, not with Nielsen’s Screenwash De-Icer! The Screenwash De-Icer prevents ice-build up in your washer nozzles meaning you can de-ice your windscreen and get rid of stubborn grease, dirt and fly residues all at the same time. Genius right? Our Screenwash De-Icer is ideal for fleets, distributors and home use. Find out more:

We’ve also developed what we call Power De-Icer – an aerosol, rapid action, non-smear de-icer that effectively removes snow, ice and any residues left on your windscreen. This product also stops the windscreen from refreezing. Again, it’s perfect for fleets, trade partners or home use. Learn more:

From all of us at Nielsen, please stay safe on the roads and take extra care during these next few months.

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